Our long-term vision is for planetary-scale resilience where everyone lives in a safe, sustainable and equitable world.
Our Story

CEO Ahmad Wani survived being marooned during the catastrophic Kashmir flood of 2014 for seven days wondering whether he would live or die. That was when he decided to dedicate himself to creating an AI-enabled platform designed to build long-term resilience.

While at Stanford University, Ahmad met AI guru Nicole Hu and earthquake expert Tim Frank, and together they channeled their collective passion into figuring out how to apply data science and machine learning to natural disasters and climate change.

Meet Our Team
Board of Directors
Advisors & Investors
Ahmad Wani
CEO & Co-Founder
Nicole Hu
CTO & Co-Founder
Timothy Frank
Craig Fugate
Chief Emergency Management Officer
Sunil Bopardikar
Vice President of Engineering
Joe Paluska
Head of Marketing and Communications
Vince Temperino
Vice President US Sales
Carl Hedde
Head of Insurance Practice
Ray Mueller
VP of Government
Samir Malviya
US Engagement
Emily Grover-Kopec
Director of Insurance Practice
Greg Brunelle
US Engagement
Digambar Ganjre
Director of Customer Success
Kareem Issa
Head of Global Talent
Ben Colombo
US Engagement & Comms Lead
Divya Konda
Software Engineer
Gabe Alvarez
Software Engineer
Joyce Wang Zhan
Data Scientist
Abhineet Gupta
Resilience Engineering Lead
Tammy Comb
HR, Talent
Meryl Hu
Software Engineer
Seungjin Baek
Data Scientist
Michelle Handoyo
Product Designer
Debbie Weiser
Customer Success Engineer
Sicheng Lu
Full-Stack Designer
Jim Featherstone
Emergency Management
Nicholas McCarthy
Research Scientist
Seth Guikema
Research Fellow - Data Science
Ali Tohidi
Data Scientist
Stephanie Tennyson
Government Affairs Lead
Ivan Porto Carrero
Technical Architect
Trigg Hutchinson
Digital Anthropologist
Yawar Aziz
Data Scientist
Kevin Fries
Data Scientist
Jake Dsouza
Software Engineer
Sana Iqbal
Data Scientist
Apurva Kumari
Software Engineer
Yu Zhang
Data Scientist
Vickie Chen
Software Engineer
Brett Baker
Customer Success Ambassador
Andrew Nisbet
Data Scientist
Wei Jie Cheng
QA Engineer
Ting Li
GIS Specialist
Lynne Burks
Data Scientist - Seismic
Bill Cai
Data Scientist - CV/DL
DeeDee Kim
Design Researcher
Huy Nguyen
Senior IT Engineer
Kari Garrison
Executive Assistant
Matt Dennie
Software Engineer
Michael Chapman
Product Manager
Peter Moore
Product Manager
Peter Black
GIS Specialist
Saif Nizam
Software Engineer
Selina Holder
Recruiting & HR Program Manager
Sue Raisty
Software Engineer
Tetsuo Kobayashi
Data Science Lead
Tyler Smith
Digital Anthropologist
Anna Kiefer
Software Engineer
Barry Tsai
Engineering Manager
Ritesh Shukla
Software Engineer
Schubert Lobo
Software Engineer
Dee Dolan
Brand Manager
Naomi Koike
Product Manager, Japan
Ransom Williams
Software Engineer
Raphael Karunditu
Software Engineer
Richard Becker
Software Engineer
Xiangmin Xu
Software Engineer
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