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Unlocking Business Resilience

A Climate Proof Economy is Possible

One Concern helps to transform traditional fixed risk analysis into data-centric resilience intelligence. We’ve invented a new understanding of the impacts of climate change and extreme weather, to drive forward the next era of preparedness and mitigation against natural disasters. Rather than relying on retroactive, static risk models, our predictive technology reframes the traditional approach to risk pricing and selection, valuation, and mitigation investing. Applying this resilience lens helps our clients take precise steps in increasing the sustainability of operations and returns, and delivering more impactful ESG action.

Resilience-Adjusted Valuation

Quantify climate risk on asset value

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Risk Selection and Pricing

Ensure resilience across the asset lifecycle

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Insurance Underwriting Augmentation

More precise risk pricing

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Insurance/Reinsurance Business Interruption

Protect against dependency risks

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Precision Mitigation

Optimized mitigation to maximize efficacy

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Highest & Best Use

Maximize ROI with resilient asset planning

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Industry Benchmarking

Understand resilience across the industry

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