Our platform provides unprecedented situational awareness and actionable insights for decision-makers.
Through machine learning, we’re able to predict at a high resolution with a high degree of accuracy the impact of each disaster and climate change – and the impact they have at a social and economic level – so that decision-makers can take appropriate steps before, during, and after an event.
Technology for the Human Race
Build Long-term Resillience
Future Proof Your Community
Build Long-term Resillience

Our technology, which was first adopted by the cities of Los Angeles and San Francisco, will revolutionize the world's understanding of the built and natural environments so that all communities can take action to build long-term resiliency in the face of climate change and the rise of deadly natural disasters.

Featured Case Study
"Seismic Concern has been an eye-opener for us to holistically understand our risks, plan mitigations, and build resilience in our communities."
Mr. Daniel Ghiorso, Fire Chief at Woodside Fire Protection District
Digital Fingerprints
Our technology assigns a unique, verified “digital fingerprint” to every natural or manmade element from the smallest rock to complete structures to mega cities. We're modeling complex systems across all spheres of influence, constructed from hyperlocal data and multi-scaled to the entire world. We provide insights across the entire time horizon whether its days before a hurricane, minutes after an earthquake, or a 20 year plan to build a resilient community.
One Concern currently monitorsresidential andcommercial buildings. We monitor earthquakes for people.

We provide hyperlocal, near-real time insights on the spread of damage and the impacts of hazards on communities. Our response solutions provide unprecedented situational awareness and a powerful platform that combines human intelligence with AI to help accomplish mission-critical situations.

We provide realistic risk and vulnerability scenarios and enable collaborators to coordinate, engage, and share knowledge to prepare for hazards. No single disaster is the same, but our platform incorporates best practices, stores key actions, and ultimately gets smarter to help our clients become better prepared.