We predict and quantify the impact of natural disasters, using machine learning to build more resilient businesses, infrastructure, and global communities.
Our Impact
We’re uncovering what was never before possible
In one platform, we combine natural science with the power of AI, to quantify impact and map critical dependencies of natural disasters, driving resilience among companies and communities – everywhere.
Deploy advanced machine-learning to drive precision in risk calibration, allocation and transfer, enabling the creation of new insurance products
We’ve built a powerful platform, enabling customers to identify,quantify and manage their risk-exposure to natural disasters.
Building Lasting Resilience
Integrating machine learning with a foundational expertise in natural science, data science, and leading authorities in emergency management and risk management, we use layers of complex data, drawing relationships between numerous datapoints to map the impact of disaster in a way never before possible. Once exposed, it’s disclosed so that action can be taken to save lives and livelihoods.

Quantify impact of critical dependencies on business operability and continuity during floods, fires and earthquakes.

Identify the near real-time impacts of disaster to cities and local neighborhoods, and the people who live and work in them.

Awards and Recognition
World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer 2019
Technology for the Human Race
Build Long-term Resilience

Our technology changes the world's understanding of built and natural environments. For the first time, we can actually make steps in building planetary-scale resilience. We're mapping complex systems across all spheres of influence constructed from hyperlocal data. Our technology assigns a unique digital fingerprint to manmade and natural environments, and everything that binds them.


We empower our clients with the ability to protect people and property through realistic simulations and a deep understanding of both their risk exposure and overall resilience, improving their ability to recover from shocks, stressors and cascading effects of natural disasters.

We quantify their exposure to environmental risk by providing highly localized scenario analysis on built and natural environment mitigation policies in the face of natural disasters.