Artificial Intelligence for Disaster Science

Transform your emergency operations for response,
preparedness and mitigation of all hazards

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The Power of Artificial Intelligence
when it matters the most

The One Concern platform empowers the most critical decisions during the first moments of a crisis
using cutting edge yet simple to use technology.

Immediate situational awareness after a disaster

Obtain an automatically enriching map of disaster damage in minutes. This informs important decisions in real-time, such as resource allocation, identification of key first-responders and evacuation routes as well as locational prioritization for Building Officials and Urban Search and Rescue Teams.

Realistic hazard scenarios and understand jurisdiction risk

For the first time ever, realistic disaster scenarios can be created on-demand! Performing training sessions on realistic simulations can vastly improve jurisdiction disaster preparedness and hazard-risk understanding. Determine logistics routes, staging areas, and shelter locations in advance of a disaster.

Build resilience using a blend of human experience and A.I.

Amplify human intelligence with artificial intelligence. Lessons learned from past training and live events can be captured and used in future events like never before. Synergizing with A.I. allows users to see their jurisdiction in a new light, which will optimize plans, investments, and ultimately strength.

We provide tools you can rely on.

One Concern has combined research in artificial intelligence and disaster sciences to create cutting edge tools. Intelligent statistics, beautiful maps, easy collaboration€ - you can do it all. Here's what makes One Concern products special:

State of art A.I.

data mining

and Trusted

Common Operating Picture

for Everyone


A One-Stop Solution For all Emergencies
Help us protect you in the next incident using the latest technology.